The Green Man

I have a small plaster cast of The Green Man hanging on my kitchen wall.

I believe in him and his GREENery.

The Cold Calling by Will Kingdom audiobook has been on hold for a few nights.

It is a brilliant book with brilliant characters. I’ve fallen in love with Marcus Bacton, the over 60 year old ex-English teacher who is now owner and proprietor of the sadly “not very well known” Phenomenonologist magazine. Who lives with an elderly housekeeper and natural healer, in a house attached to a ruined castle, whom he calls My Old Love. Who owns a dog called Malcom. And whose bad language and bad temper deteriorates with every page he appears on.

BUT : the main villain is called The Green Man.

Cindy Mars-Lewis, a crazy old spinster (?) writes to Marcus constantly from Pembrokeshire and wants him to publish every letter in the magazine is intriguing too. Marcus hasn’t met Cindy yet…. ooooh!

Anyways. Last listen was all about Bobby Maiden’s NDE and it gave me nightmarish lucid dreams where I’m screaming but not screaming.

I’ll try again tonight. Go figure.

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