Sleep Tight

I was asked this morning where the phrase Sleep Tight comes from.

I got it wrong (?)

I said it was from swaddling a baby. And I’m still thinking this.

NO. Wrong. Parp.

According to MS History now it comes from the 2 penny line.

That’s all he said.

The 2 penny line and I went straight into Jack the Ripper mode.

It cost 2 pennies to get into a Doss House and sleep on A LINE for one night out of the cold and snow and crap. See image above. Really?

It cost 4 pennies to sleep “in a coffin.”

Anyone of 5ft 8 inches was effed though!

So women SOLD their bodies on the street to earn enough money to NO T sleep on the street overnight?

If you’ve been with me since 2018, you KNOW that I do not believe a single word about Jack the Ripper and the Canonical 5.

Hey. Sue me. You’ll just get my debts :o)

Disclaimer : Real horrid crimes went down in Victorian London, no doubt. But……?

P.S. We always used to say that my Dad could sleep on a Washing Line because he’d spent so many years on board ships.

Ooooooo. Spooky past/future shift :o)

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