It all depends on WHO YOU CHOOSE to teach you.

Since the age of 21 I’ve been taught about Sacred Space by many people. My faves are an American (my soul mother)

An Englishwoman.

An American/Cherokee woman.

And I have been physically, emotionally and spiritually connected to Lincoln Cathedral since I was 11 years old.

The place is SACRED and beautiful and healing.

Unless you see it through a yt TRUTH (?) channel who calls the Glory EVIL. Like he called ME!

These buildings have always “spoken” to me. Not via History or soi-disant teachers, by being physically present in them.

I was also taught how to “read” a building with my hands. You wouldn’t believe how simple this is.

We ALL have the ability to do it.

Structures, buildings collect energy over their existence. To “read” it just needs awareness and intent and the knowledge of depth/space and how cobwebs feel.

That’s a BAD explanation but a computer is not conducive to ACTUAL real life experience.

My bad :o(