Far Memory

I’m so drained today from the past two days of fake and unwanted “emergencies” involving wind and water and non-working chainsaws, that I’m spending more time than usual today just thinking… quietly.

I can’t get off my mind just one part of R.Sheldrake’s interview with Richard (video posted yesterday/day before? Can’t remember LOL)

I’ve always felt that the Akash/Akashic Records were not a physical place but to hear a well respected scientist talk about the same thing was revelatory to me.

What if our far memory of childhood and before IS stored in a non-physical realm that we can ALL access at night through our dreams and during the day through Deja Vu ?

How about the fact that we can meet a complete stranger and form either an immediate bond with them or a huge repulsion in their company?

I’ve always said that Space was NOT the final frontier. The brain is.

Mind blowing :o)

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