As a child, I knew every inch of this tiny coastal town.

Back in the times of the dinosaurs (never forget an insult, hen) my brothers and I had total freedom. We spent most of the time on the beach but also walked the town. The beach at low tide was an adventure of rock pools and caves and sandcastles.

Last time I was here was for my cousin, Fiona’s wedding. I was pregnant. Heavily. At a Scottish kilted wedding with everyone dancing (?)

Last time I saw Fiona was at my Dad’s funeral in 2011.

The High Street around 2 minutes 58 seconds is where Lily and I used to go to get the messages. It looked a little different when I was a child…it’ll be full of Charity Shops and McDonalds and Supermarkets now, methinks.

Jeez. Elaine Paige has one amazing voice!