I’ve just start listening to this though I’ve had it for ages on the ipad.

I seem to have done the Will Kingdom books backwards. Holy Grayle and Cindy and Nurse Andy and Bobby and Kelvin Kyte etc all knew each other very well in the first one I’d read.

This is their beginning story.

Oh. BTW Will Kingdom is the pen name of Phil Rickman.

What stunned me in the first chapters was the reference to William Rufus, William II, second son of William the Bastard Conqueror who got GOT by one of those pesky stray arrows in the early 12th century in a forest. See many previous posts about the Hidden History of the British Isles.

Life isn’t easy for D.I. Bobby Maiden, possibly the only straight detective in a corrupt police division. And death comes even harder. When Maiden is revived in hospital after dying in a hit and run incident, his memories are not the familiar ones of bright lights and angelic music, only of a cold, harsh place he has no wish to revisit…ever. But, because of his experience, Bobby Maiden may be the only person who can reach The Green Man, a serial murderer the police don’t even know exists…a savage predator who haunts prehistoric stones and burial mounds in the belief that he is defending Britain’s sacred heritage. Meanwhile, New Age journalist Grayle Underhill – known as Holy Grayle to readers of the New York Courier – arrives in Britain to search for her sister…and maybe find herself. Bizarre events lead both Maiden and Underhill to a remote village on the Welsh border…base of the St Mary Circle, an eccentric group of paranormal researchers who know that there are more crimes in heaven and earth… The Cold Calling…X-Files with Attitude.