Children of Shame

I have second hand testimony of this. Told to me over several conversations by a woman who was a “child of shame” and who went on to give birth to a “child of shame.”

Then she got pregnant again aged 17 (not from un-consensual sex) and the father did the decent. He married her a few months before the birth.

To this day there is a palpable but unspoken resentment of this man to his children, his children’s life partners, his grandchildren and his great-grandson. A whole line of innocent people who totally totalled his career trajectory for him. He has rejected them all by his own behaviour and now wonders why he is not venerated.

Then one of her daughters’ got pregnant out of wedlock and…the underlying tension of the whole thing was INTENSE.

So, y’all think we have it bad now?

These people, in the video below, still live with Institutional and Societal SHAME for just being born. Imagine how much trauma that can bring into a life ?

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