Catherine of Valois

She didn’t have much luck, poor lass.

Born to a MAD King, Charles VI of France, and a nympho, self-serving Queen, Isabeau of Bavaria.

She was given in marriage to Henry V of England after Agincourt and to seal Isabeau’s Treaty of Troyes wherein she sold out her own son and gave the throne of France to the Englander (pissy little island with delusions of grandeur) Henry.

Damage done. Enter Jehanne d’Arc a few years later to get rid of Les Roast Beoufs.

Although Cate did end up marrying a strapping Welsh man called Owen Tudor whose descendants gave us an entire Tudor (Twdwr) Dynasty that ended with Betty 1. Or so they say.

Y’all know where this will go next. Sigh. I’m so predictable…Once More Unto the Breach :o)

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