The Hidden History of Physics : Roger Boscovich

Don’t ask me – I failed ALL my science exams. Got bored and refused to listen :o)

P.S. I predict that Most if not ALL will refuse to entertain this because Bosco was a Jesuit according to MS History.

Just pile all evil under one name or colour or race or status, why not?

Roger Anderton contends that certain important figures in Physics have been sidelined and even discredited in popular culture by being portrayed in a science fictional way. He argues some of what Einstein proposed is incorrect and in order to undo his flawed work, we need to go back to an earlier time period and see what can be derived from older theories. One of the goals of modern physics is to “unify the forces”, ie, define a single theorem which includes all the forces observed in nature. This idea is controversial with many people claiming to have already done it, but no unified field theory has yet been accepted by academia. Roger Anderton believes that Roger Boscovich who died in 1787 was well on the way to defining a unified field theory. Are discoveries in Physics being hidden?

P.S. I’ve yet to hear ANYONE ELSE talk about this side of the subject.

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