Here is How IT Works…

You gain full control of a yt channel or several via butt-kissing and compliments then you post a comment like this.

Earning your self full props for your pain.


I’ll rewind to Jan 31st 2020 :OG Post PANIC ATTACK OF A LIFETIME

Panic Attack of a Lifetime

Friday, 31 January 2020, 11:50


Yesterday was intense. And sad. And hurtful.

Then this morning I woke up and read something.

I was accused of being EVIL. In public. Online. And that comment was agreed upon by others.

An hour later, I found myself on the kitchen floor, in agony. Unable to breathe. Being sick. Sweating. And my pulse, when taken, was off the scale.

And as all this is going on, I had to fight the one and only person who has ever seen me like this – about calling 999.

I Don’t need no Doctor Drugs. Thank you very much!!!

I knew what was happening. But the force of it was…well, I’m still, hours later, recovering :o(

If this makes NO SENSE to you, it makes no sense.


P.S. I’m only telling you this to encourage you. It will be OK.

If it happens to you – Don’t Panic :o)

It will be OK. Trust Me?


MY panic attack, witnessed by my husband was caused by this POS who JL has just validated as a BRILL channel. FACT!


StarfortMudFlood aka Laura L called ME EVIL and Martin agreed with her.

The only way to succeed is steal another persons work, use it against them (I’d written about the HDEC months before) and then totally humiliate them in public comments.

He/She/It is still being loved everywhere by everyone.

Am I bitter?

A part of me is but that’s natural. I’ve moved so far away from engaging in this BS Ten Ring Circus.

Wishing y’all everything y’all deserve :o)

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