Happy November ?

Ok. The utilities are paid aka we have secured our home for another month. Woohoo. Thank you bank !

We have light and the ability to use electrical stuff. For the moment – we live in a village that has regular power cuts caused by the autumn gales and winter snows and stupid drivers.

As for living through the rest of the month?

Hey. I can do that. I’ve learned to be creative with food. We are surrounded by trees so wood is not an issue to heat one room.

As for hot water and a cosy kitchen…we need oil to use the Rayburn and ALL fuel/petrol/kerosene prices have gone up Up UP.


I’ve not heard Max since he was kicked off yt.

Seeing this today is – urm – personally brutal but keep on keeping on, Mr Igan :o)

But we have hot water bottles aplenty.

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