BST vs GMT -1

For the love of mind and sanity.

WHY play with time?

I was soooo annoyed this morning when I found out that I’d got up at 4:30 am and not 5:30am as I’d thought.

Hey. I can tell when the sun goes down and comes up again. It goes dark. It goes light. It goes dark. It goes light.

Every single time the they do this stupid to me I get miffed for at least a week.

So miffed this morning that I had to spend almost two hours scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom just to fill in a FAKE time switch.

Oooh. Feeling slightly giddy now :o)

P.S. I now have a name to blame. Woohoooo!

P.P.S. I should’ve known something was awry. Last night I cut a good 6 inches off my hair. When something annoys me – I Cut IT Off!

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