Renaissance means rebirth. And was it ever. With a bunch of lies.

I’ve “known” for a long time that there has been a 100-200 year historical shift around the “Renaissance.”

Much of what we know about this time period has been shifted backwards from the 17th/18th cc to the 15th/16th cc.

And it is no more obvious than when we look into the lives of famous artists.

I have touched on Raphael being someone else BUT…how about this one (?)

What if Michelangelo was REALLY Michelangelo?

:o) Sorry. That wasn’t funny. Try again.

What if Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was REALLY Michelangelo Merisi (Michele Angelo Merigi or Amerighida Caravaggio?

Try this experiment yourselves.

Find as many completed CANVAS/EASEL paintings done by F1RST Michelangelo as you can.

Then compare that number with those done by S3COND Michelangelo aka Caravaggio.

P.S. As for No1’s sculptures – check out Bernini!

P.P.S. I have SEEN the Sistine Chapel and La Pieta and a true Bernini sculpture IRL in Rome. Also several Caravaggio’s in the National Gallery, London.