Thoor’s a Moose Loose Aboot This Hoose Times 2

Moose No.1 : A little thing that has been living in the utility room for weeks. He’s guh-nawed his way through the bird seed sacks so we decided to feed him bird seed every day.

The little dish is always empty in the morning…so I called him Gus. I bet his t-shirt is way above his huge belly by now :o)

Moose No.2 : My new laptop is a cheap as chips renewed one from a t’internet dealer. It works OK, apart from the touchpad which has obvious Bolshevik tendencies. So I gifted myself a wireless mouse this morning. In the local supermarket.

Apparently, a £7 mouse has to be electronically tagged to stop peeps stealing all 6 of them on the shelf.

I always use the Do-It-Yourself till (can’t stand the stupid servers who still wear masks and plastic gloves behind their plastic screens) so – I end my transactions and look around for the person in charge of the “naughty” tills. No where to be seen.

I go to the cigarette counter holding the tagged item and my till receipt. OMG. Five women behind the plastic screen, all masked and ALL ignoring me.

:o) I was so tempted to just walk out and set all the alarms off. Sooo tempted!

PigShitIgnorance we call their conduct in my home.

P.S. I might’ve been guilty of arguing with a stupid computer in public !

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