Red Hair and Pharaoh Ramses

Friday, 4 January 2019, 14:58

I have a confession to make….

Red Hair Fascinates Me.

I don’t know why.

My own hair is very dark brown. I never wanted to be a blonde but I’ve always craved Red Hair. It’s sort of making sense now.

I had a Scottish father and an English mother but my DNA test said I was 36% Scottish, 29% Scandinavian, 11% English and the rest of me is Russian, Caucasian, German, Italian.

The Comnenus family were famous for their fair, red/gold hair. Ramses, the Great Pharaoh, had red hair.

The video above shows that other “ancient Egyptians” had red hair.

Is this some kind of proof that Egypt was the sacred burial ground of the Romean Empire?

And – why is ginger hair such a great sniggerfest now? Joking Scottish people always wear red wigs. Look at Scotland football supporters for a start!

There is a book – Perfume: The Story of a Murder by Patrick Suskind that deals with a demented Parisian perfumer who stalks and kills a red-headed woman because he needs to capture her smell. I read it years ago. It’s weird but fascinating.


Predicting the Future of the Past? L’ill Ol’ Me?

Perfume is a strange book. I read it along side my RED HAIRED Danish/American friend. She was creeped out. So was I.

There is a saying in the UK about redheads smelling of piss and donuts. THAT IS HATEFUL.

Oh. And by the by : So many commenters are showing pictures of themselves with………RED HAIR. Fact :o)

P.S. The author would be TRULY pissed off if he knew that peeps were earning money by making a video of HIS book, methinks???