Butternut Squash Soup

Below is probably a good way to make this wonderful soup but…I’m a bit off the cuff (?)

Yesterday I cooked a Honey and Dijon Mustard Ham in vegetable stock with potatoes and carrots.

The ham was demolished but I was left with a casserole dish full of tasty stock, potatoes and carrots. Mmmmn.

Today I bought a butternut squash and some bacon lardons.

Cut squash. Cooked Squash in stock (after removing the already cooked potatoes and carrots.)

Added the p’s & c’s back into the pot and BLITZED to beggary. S M O O T H.

Fried off the lardons added them to the pot with a touch of cream and Bingo.

All the seasonings that I used yesterday are still there. Nicely developed. And without chilli or roasting the Butternut.

Tempus Fugit :o)

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