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Luncheon Vouchers

True Truth Story.

After being imprisoned(!) by my employees aged 17, I escaped and was kidnapped by my father (he was on a course at Hendon Police College at the time) and forced to go home from London where I was living with BFF.

My first job in Skegness (where they lived then) was in the “Dole Office”

I spent all day hand writing Dole Cheques for the unemployed.

For our services to the masses without jobs, we were given Luncheon Vouchers to buy our lunch. My nearest Luncheon Voucher foodery was in Chip Alley. I’d have a mouldy cheese and slimy ham bun and a cup of tea.

I had no idea what Luncheon Vouchers were REALLY used for.

Thanks Sin Pain. NOT!!!!

The bastards will do ANYTHING to get you money off you – if y’all fall for the LIE!

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