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Stovies vs Irish Stew

I’ve talked about this before on the de-funked blog…link above the home page.

The only meal that I ever remember my Dad cooking for us was Stovies.

Google it now and you get the fancypants recipe. His was the recipe he grew up with. Five of them living in a two room flat in Kinghorn with very little money.

Stovies is basically potatoes, salt, pepper and water. A perfect meal on a cold winter’s night.

Irish Stew is onions and water and potatoes and mutton (Lamb in the West. Goat in the East)

Proper peasant food.

I haven’t enough knowledge about the “political” sitch in the 1800’s to comment about the Blight and how England blamed the Irish for effing up their own potato crops.

Oooh. 1916 all over again when the Fenians decided to kill the English…..Zombie. Zombie. Thanks, Dolores but I’m talking food.

Irish Stew is fabulous. So is Colcannon. And Soda Bread…in my opinion.

A pint of Guinness. Don’t mind if I do :o)

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