1915 : My Family

Above is my great-grandmother (Mary) and her 3 sons. The one on the right is my real grandfather.

My Mum was what they used to call a “band-aid” baby.

Five years younger than her sister and she was an attempt to save a faltering marriage when Nan was in her 30’s. It could not last.

Below is Clarence. Her father. I see where my brother got his wing nuts from :o)

My brothers and I met “GreatGranny” and Clarence when were young. GreatGranny was a Tartar. She told us that she may be half blind but her hearing was perfect so we’d better shut up!

I grew up with George, Nan’s second husband. A beautiful, gentle giant of a man. Who…strangely…looked quite like Clarence. Go figure.

I’m not certain about Great Grandad but as the family photo above was taken in 1915 without him, he may have died in the Great War.

I’ll have to ask :o)

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