I WAS Parentally Programmed

My Dad programmed me to recognise a REAL man.

And he also taught me how to clothe a real man for public display.

To this day I have a FREAKOUT reaction to sloppy ties. A man will appear on TV, a news broadcaster or somesuch, and I’ll rip him to bits if he has a n eff up tieknot. S’not difficult.

Windsor Knot or NOT!

Real men also…

Have short and clean nails in public.

Have good, well-polished shoes.

Have perfectly ironed clothes.

Are either totally clean-shaven or well- barbered.

Are not covered in enough jewellery to fill the local Pawn Shop.

Open doors for women and pull out a chair for her to sit down before he does.


But that’s old fashioned and not the done thing anymore…!!!!

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