WHY WAS 1492 So Important?


Nah. Nothing to do with sailing an ocean blue and everything to do with the end of the world.

It’s no wonder we are all so confused. I do this daily and I’m struggling!

Let’s start with INDICTIONS.

INDICTION : a fiscal period of fifteen years used as a means of dating events and transactions in the Roman Empire and in the papal and some royal courts. The system was instituted by the Emperor Constantine in AD 313 and was used in some places until the 16th century.

There has been much jiggerpokery done with numbers over the centuries. FACT.

Mainstream History used this Roman calculation to set the date of the Creation of the World and the birth of Adam.

I can’t explain better myself so I’ll just quote :

Apparently, together with the date of the compilation and canonization of Easter, the time when the era from the creation of the world came into use (in the Scaligerian version of chronology) “left in the past”. As we have already said, most likely, this era was established much later than the emergence of the Great Indications and the choice of their starting point in 877. The era from the creation of the world was apparently introduced in the following way. It was designated the beginning of the first year of that Great Indication, which began with the first indiction. More precisely, the closest of these Indications was taken. Let us explain that due to the incommensurability of the Great Indication and the 15-year indiction cycle, such a coincidence repeats exactly 7980 years later: 15 x 532 = 7980.

More stuff….Then :

Apparently, a direct consequence of this calculation was the famous date of the end of the world, which was expected in 1492 AD. The reasoning was probably something like the following. Since 1492 turned out to be the 7000th year “from Adam” and since the full cycle of the indict chronology was less than 8000 thousand years (namely, 7980), then 1492 (7000th) was the LAST – the seventh round millennium in the cycle of the Great indications.

There are several confirmations of this hidden knowledge. One revolves around The Divine Comedy by Dante which has been dated – via evidence given in the text – to 1477.

Which is 15 years before 1492.

Yes. My head hurts too. Scrambled Brain sitch :o)

P.S. The Book of Enoch sheds light too…33 |God shows Enoch the epoch of this world, the existence of 7000 years.

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