Let’s Go Back : Way, Way Back

Way, Way Back to January 2019 : OG POST – Ecsedi Báthory Erzsébet aka Elizabeth Bathory

Over a decade of research, done by myself and all alone, I sorta/kinda linked both Elizabeth and Vlad the Impaler with…

The Most…

Over-used, Hijacked, Freely Spouted, Modern Money Making, Mis-represented, Mis-appropriated, Mis-understood, Maligned and Degraded subject of the past 3 years.


And I’ve just noticed that the girlie who did the Isaac Newton video posted earlier has DONE THIS!


Y’all were warned. But refused to listen. *M’eh. Whatever.

Tartary and Grand Tartaria are now JUST ONE BIG JOKE. Much like Flat Earth.

Nice one, comrades and trail-blazers.

Nice one :o(

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