This is the one and only film he has ever seen on this subject that he rates.


Because (to this day) he is the longest serving CP (Close Protection) trainer ever at Longmoor.

And he was also on the ground.

CloseProtection/BodyGuard/BulletCatcher are NOT killers.

They protect. D’uh!

I was their Admin Officer for a while and used to write the training programmes.

Imagine the almost 4 years of hell that my sons and I went through knowing where he was and what he was doing.

This was after “the 2nd war” in Iraq. And this was when my contempt of mainstream news channels was cemented.

Yes. For a while I was glued to Sky News live. Then I’d talk to him every night and he’d go WTF? I was there. THAT never happened.


Man on Fire.

I’ve watched it once but need to watch again, methinks :o)

P.S. Tony Scott is Ridley Scott’s brother.