Cosmic Closure

Oh My Giddy Aunt. I’m in danger of becoming an “astrologer” ?

Tonight we have a Full Moon/Hunters Moon/Blood Moon.

And the Bigger Boys up there have turned direct.

As Above. So Below.

A major Karmic Cycle is being closed right now. It dovetails with The Great Awakening.

Certain people say that the next 10/20 years will be the most important of our lives as the old TOXIC structures are being broken down.

The liars, thieves, elites, wannabes, controllers etc are all being exposed. Unfortunately – this stuff takes time.

Stay the Course, mes braves. If not for us, then for our children. And their children.

Bad Moon Rising for the US Werewolf who sucks the blood of other countries?

Hey. It’s all there. In plain sight.

AND NOT ONE NATION IS INNOCENT. We’ve ALL been involved in this shit for far too long.

Do NOT Shoot the Messenger. Thanks :o)

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