I’ve done this before on my other blog. Now de-funked.

F-i-L had a couple of years a whilst back when he was bombarded with letters from the TV company that made this show.

I think that some comedian somewhere in the family set him up. Could’ve been his wife…going by what she has said to me many a time.

He’d be brilliant. Starter : Heinz Mulligatawny Soup. Main : Heinz Beans on burnt toast. Pudding : A scoop of Asda ice cream.

Sheesh. A few Boddingtons and he’d upset EvErYoNe. All the racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc comments would be unfilmable.

He still gives me shit whenever we meet. I was never good enough to enter his family by marriage. FACT!

GoodGod. I’d love to have seen the film but I’ve made one up in my head. No worries :o)

P.S. I’ve grown to love him, faults and all. He’s now just a sad, angry old git who was never given the full recognition that he thought he deserved. Bless his heart.