I’ve been back researching the 16th and 17th centuries via the Tower of London and came across a timeline/construction anomaly.

In the image above, from the 17th century, we can clearly see similarities with the now famous and much discussed “star fort” formation. Lots of walls and angles and water. But it did not look like this in the further back past and doesn’t look the same today.

I’ve never done the Tower though I’ve been across the river to see HMS Belfast, the docked ship that my Dad once served on, with my Mum and seen the incredible size of the place.

So…were the canals dug first and then filled in? Was the original William the Bastard Conqueror Tower built on a natural island like the one Notre Dame de Paris stands on?

I’m slightly confused and watching Dr Kat always helps to confuse me even more.

Tempus Fugit and I’m too up to my ears in other stuff to look deeper right now :o)