Militant Millie

Was the name that I was given by the “blokes” I worked with in Longmoor.

They’d come into the Nissan Hut where we controlled all the CPU Training for protection officers posted world-wide and say to me……….Make us a cuppa tea, luv.

I’d point to the kettle and say – It’s all there. DIY.

Many years before I’d worked for the MOD. Even the Brigadier General , who was my boss at the time , NEVER told me to make him a cuppa.

Why the eff would I drop everything and become Tea-Lady for a bunch of testostronicallly hyped Corporals?

The real name of the character is Millie Tant.

Heads Up Males – despite the low vibe, give it all away to anyone females who now inhabit the world – Me, Myself & I am NOT a piece of meat to be battered, fried, stewed, barbecued, eaten raw (a la Tartare) minced or thrown to the wild animals.

I’m a counterpart. One half of a divine whole. The Yin to a Yang. The wife. The Mother. The Daughter. The Sister. The Aunt etc.

GIVE ME (and every other precious woman in your life) the TOTAL & COMPLETE RESPECT WE DESERVE.

Thank you.

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