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The V Started For ME in January 2019

The invader with her many grabby hands and pouty lying mouth slept with the entire yt “truth” community and spread her own special poison pricks.

Apparently – according to her – I WAS THE LIAR and COPYCAT and HIT&RUN merchant, only in the game for FAME&MONEY.

I was the one who had poisonous breath and a need for total domination and control.

So – I HAD TO BE BANNED and IGNORED because…otherwise everyone would find out that SHE/IT was spying on me, stealing my work and presenting it as her own.


And all because the person that she gets all her unworked-for money from actually admired MY work. And he, believing his babe, repeated every lie to all his mates and now can’t retract a single word because he’d look like a total idiot and that is NOT how he has “presented” himself all these years.

Selfish Snake in the grass, IS she. Even today, she’s keeping up the fake as eff lies. And selling my work to the lowest bidder. Any bidder. ANY ONE! Despite the fact that I don’t have a penny to my name, my son is still in constant pain, I’ve lost ALL career prospects, no one will trust me, I’m persona non grata amongst my former peers and I wake up each morning wondering if today is the day that we will lose our home.

Heyho. At least everyone loves her :o)

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