We can run the whole gamut here.

From Human Sacrifice to Vampires. From Nephilim Giants to iddy biddy Fallen Angels. From Thieves to Liars. From Fakers to Wannabes. From Dictator to behind the curtain Controller. From snake to ladder.

The lists – LISTS, plural – are all endless.

Every single thing is ENERGY.

And every single ENERGY is available for us to choose. This is called FREE WILL and it is given to us as a test of just how far we will CHOOSE to corrupt our pure and beautiful soul. In my humble opinion.

If we see giving as weak.

Or loving as an open invitation to mock or grab.

Or emotions as unnatural.

Or well meant advice as criticism.

Or a different point of view as an attack.

Or insults as humour.

Or power as the goal.

Or a hole in the ground as an empty grave just awaiting the next victim.

Any negative reaction to a positive intention – then we’ve chosen to corrupt ourselves.

I grew up with two dire consequences to lying. Either my tongue would turn black and fall out or my heart would turn black and stop beating.

My parents pulled zero punches :o)

We are the choices we make.

Human Sacrifice and Vampires are NOT Historical FACT. They are PSYCHOLOGICAL CHOICES.

Destroy another person because you want to gain superiority? You’ll only end up destroying yourself because everything is seen and recorded : both internally and externally.

Many can swerve the executioner in life but EVERYTHING dies. And then….?