I’ve been publicly accused of being one of these many times on youtube.

Well. As 66.6% of my DNA is Scottish/Scandinavian…YAY. I’m an actually TROLL (!)

It’s 67 % but I’m doing the dramatica bit today :o)

Even as a kid in school, we had these crazy things on the end of our pens/pencils. Probably to stop deep thinking which usually ends up with a very chewed up pen/pencil top. Who wants a bunch of nylon in their teeth?

Ya man here has a rather sexy voice but I’m still figuring out the GIANT and the UNDER A BRIDGE link.

Where’s my pencil ? ? ?

Effing Prose Edda. Keeps haunting me.

P.S. Is it just me or is the image above of Trolls on pencils slightly DISGUSTING?

Am I writing a STREAM OF consciousness blog a la Virginia Woolfe?

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