Nimuë/Morgause/Morgana/Morgan le Fay

I LOVE the truly diabolical way that the Legends of King Arthur and Merlin have been so completely muddied that it’s almost impossible to tell fact from fiction.

Unless you know that King Arthur is a Paper Twin.

He is a reflection of another man. Y’all’ll have to trawl through about 9,000 posts on here or HERE to understand.


All the women above may have been just one woman. She MAY have been called Anne or Anna in real life and she may have been the sister of a crucified brother and a beheaded brother.

Maybe !

All the above named women were either Good or Evil. Depending on the “historical” sources you read.

OH. And Why the eff are the Prophecies of Merlin so prevalent in the early life of Jehanne d’Arc?


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