Mary Magdalene : Dan Brown : Mass Confusion

I personally do NOT think/feel/believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene.

I – hesitatingly say- know that this false fakery was planted a century or two (even 3) ago. Just for this EXACT purpose. See video below.

My belief/feeling/research blahblah thinks/knows/believes (WTF? Why can’t we ACTUALLY SAY ANYTHING anymore without being shot down in flames of war?) is that the man we call Jesus today WAS married and did have children.

Whether he was Jewish or Christian or Turkish or Greek or Outer Mongolian – our whole reason for being is to have children and re-populate our world.

Yes. Some can’t have children. Some refuse to have children. That is a fact that can never be denied.

WHY the whole debate? Why the divide? Why the complete and utter waste of a god-given life to FIGHT about the entire stupid entirety?

I went through the whole he said/wrote vs she said/wrote crap decades ago. And concluded that opinions were like arse holes….Every one has one. Which leads to another stupid argument or many about breathatarian vs carnivore vs vegetarian vs pescatarian vs fruitarian vs vegan.

We were given a fully functional digestive system/endocrine system/hormone system plus pretty strong teeth and tastebuds. Go figure why!


RANTY Jackie :o)

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