One half of our family were sent to boarding school. Not MY half.

He and his two sisters were both packed off aged 11 to live without their parents as their parents travelled the world and got paid for it.

Army chiefs are probing six officers suspected of dishonestly claiming cash for their children’s boarding schools.

Some personnel claim up to 90% of fees so their kids can stay at the same school if they are posted elsewhere.

It cost taxpayers £81million in the past year – and is said by some to be one of the last remaining perks in the forces.

Soldiers can claim Continuity of Education Allowance if they want to send children to boarding school.

It pays up to £7,828 a term or £23,484 a year per child.

One officer said: “The allowance is one reason why many officers choose to stay in the Army because they can have their children privately educated at a fraction of the cost a civilian would pay.

“It is worth over £300,000 if you have two or more children.”

All three children have severe bonding and love issues. They were taught at a very young age that love meant duty, obedience or abandonment.

My traveller-in-crime has talked to me many times about her years in Boarding School. She describes these years as being nothing more than her learning to be an unpaid maid, cook, cleaner and bottle-washer. She learned very little in the way of “education” and she grew up to become an OCD house cleaner with extremely low self-worth.

Her brother was beaten up so many times in the first months that he eventually became the most feared kid in school who knew every scam and trick to filch food because they were half starved. True and sad.

His mother had a period of time when she’d sob to me about leaving her kids on the steps of a strange building and driving away as her own flesh and blood screamed for her to come back. NOW – she won’t see us because we are not 100% vaxxed to zombification.

And they both wonder why all three of their children “tolerate” them and do the “right thing.”

This is NOT LOVE.

I kept my boys with me through thick and thin. My parents did the same. Sheesh. That was tough but worth it :o)