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The George Hotel, Amesbury HAS Been Sexed Up

I started working here, The George Hotel, Amesbury, when I had just turned 22 years old.

It is a beautiful building and I was employed as the receptionist.

Although I became everything apart from the cook and the pot washer.

I had two rotating shifts, shared with Mrs Abbott, the owner.

The early shift when I’d catch the bus at 6:30am to arrive at 6:45am to be in charge of breakfast – served at 7:30 am. Ending at 3 pm after lunch.

This was when Himself left me for months on end to go down to Lympstone, Devon to do the Full Royal Marines Commando Course and took the car!!!

My late shift started at 6:30pm and ended about 1 am in the morning. After I’d done “the books” for Mrs Abbott. Counted all the cash in the tills of two bars and then the dining room.

We had ZERO menus with all the famously historical guests who’d stayed their since the year .dot.

I’ve so many stories about working in a hotel. But I’ll stick with the day that I booked Gary Glitter and his young teenage “friend” into the best double room.

Absolute God’s Honest Truth.

I had no idea then what this man was.

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