For several years I used to head-butt with a very famous author of Historical Fiction on various platforms.

Her name is unimportant. Her work is much loved and she is very prolific. For that I admire her.

MY main concern was her use of the “Ancient Hall of Records” or “Akashic Records” to make her rich and famous.

She is quite vocal online about her experiences via her “medium” friend about this.

I don’t take what she accesses on trust. One has to be aware that ***’s subconscious might be butting in, even though she has no interest in medieval history. She is very aware of this herself and does her best to only go with what she feels is genuinely coming from elsewhere. I have the work looked at by an academic with a doctorate in Medieval history and a particular interest in the culture of the 12th and 13th centuries. I also have the details checked by people with skills in genealogy and medieval studies. I am told that what is coming through is medieval mindset, not modern. Below, I have cut and pasted a couple of examples of sessions from my growing pile of research data – almost 250,000 words thus far and still growing.

I use the Akashic records as the flash of gold in my research braid. It tells me how the characters really felt about the situations they were in. It tells me what they were really like in both physical, cerebral and emotional characteristics. Even if I still have to craft imaginary scenes and dialogue in order to tell their stories as a cohesive novel, I feel that the Akashic Record enables me to tell that story with an insight I wouldn’t otherwise have, and with integrity. It’s a precious resource, but I use it in tandem with the others above mentioned and I check the details wherever possible.

The Hall of Records or Akashic Records are internal. NOT external.

If YOU can’t access them yourself then you are abusing DIVINE Law via decades of mis-info that may have started with Manly P Hall or Edgar Cayce.

And now we have peeps who’ve actually accessed the PHYSICAL Hall of Records. Deep beneath the pyramids in Egypt.