I can laugh about this now.

A real and true life experience.

We worked Charlie and Bravo most but also spent a weekend manning Checkpoint Alpha in Helmstedt.

Helmstedt (Alpha) was the start of THE CORRIDOR that led car drivers from outside of Berlin into the city. Unless you wanted to jump the WALL.

At the Berlin end of THE CORRIDOR was Bravo. Where y’all had to show your credentials and permissions to enter the city of Berlin.

I’ve written this story before but, worth repeating.

Berlin in the 80’s was divided into 4 parts. The EAST (the other side of Checkpoint Charlie) was RUSSIAN.

The WEST had three sectors – British, French, American.

Bravo and Charlie had three pairs of Military Police. Brit. Frog. Spam.

One night my oppo and I were on a night duty at Bravo and we (Brits, Frogs, Spams) shared a portable TV.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail was showing.

Only 2 of the 6 laughed. FACT!

P.S. I’m not quite liking JC much right now for dissing MY homeland. Wet. Cold. Rainy ? How very dare he ?