Plastic Bats & Pumpkins

OK. It is October.

Dracula Face Masks, Skeletons, Cobwebs, Spiders and Crepe Paper were the first things that I saw in my local supermarket this morning.

Scary Wary Whooooo!

I HATE all the BS around Halloween. WTF is with the pumpkins now?

When I was a kid in Scotland we all carved lanterns out of SWEDES. Neeps. With SHARP knives.

Imagine that happening today. Have you ever tried to dice a Swede?

So. I went in search of the real history of Halloween and got served up the same old, same old.


P.S. This was the ancient Gaelic Harvest festival. The celebrations held at the end of Summer when all the fruits and crops had been gathered and stored and the people wanted to party.

All Hallow’s Eve followed by All Saints Day.

It has NOTHING to do with religion or Dracula or Frightening Kids half to death or teaching kids about Demanding Money With Menaces aka Trick or Treat. FACT.

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