I love this film.

My pen name is Greta Brookes.

I used to earn a small living from my writing.

The name came from 2 of my most loved movie stars – both of whom had rather short careers. Much like me.

Enter Hamlet’s Wife.

I’ve been stalking my own little stalker and career/name/life destroyer. She’s soooo desperate for a family. She’s all over a Kazakh band called BOII.

She’s been all over the yt “truth” community crying out about her famous family.

But the only numpty who will acknowledge her now is ……?

She’s had me banned everywhere and told so many lies that even she can’t remember if she’s Scottish or Irish or Nordic or Spanish or Aussie or Syrian or married to Hamlet aka the abfab DougieBoi.

What YOU give is what YOU get, MandyPandyFine&Dandy.

We’ve yet to see this fabby famous family tree, hen :o)