The Great Awakening vs The Great Pretender

The Great Awakening IS an awakening to the worlds beyond this 3D BS. FACT.

The Great Awakening is a SPIRITUAL call to those who understand.

144.000 from Revelation ?

72,000 MEN

72,000 WOMEN

These are the ones who KNOW. Who have FAITH.

Enter yt and the 144 million who are “awake” because they DO NOT believe this. And DO NOT believe THAT. And tell the entire world about just how EVIL the world is. NEGATIVE without end.

This place. This life. This experience IS what you choose to believe.


There ARE more of them than US. Thank you Take That.

The Flood.

Defenders of the FAITH. We are.

So go forth & multiply the more than us aka PRETENDERS

Freddie had more to say than y’all will ever understand.

In MY opinion.

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