When we did the wives shooting competition in Gibraltar, I came second.

It bothered me not one bit because Maggie (a wonderful friend) won.

Maggie was born and grew up on the Shankill Road, Belfast.

Like we didn’t have days of fun about her being the best shot :o)

Maggie was banned from smoking by her husband and I’d be the keeper of her cigarettes.

Her husband – This was the man who’d kicked her in the stomach when she was pregnant.

BTW : Maggie was Catholic & was raised not to believe in divorce. Even when she’d been traumatised by her Proddy husband.

The last thing I ever said to her was – Go Home, Sweetheart. If I never see you again, that means that you’ve found the strength to escape.

Ken is a Belfast boy.

My son was born less than 10 miles from Belfast. His (22 month) elder brother and I used to go there often and have a great time.