The Coelbren Alphabet is also called the Lost Language of the Bards.

It is the “ancient” language of Britain.

Quite strange that Etruscan and other languages can be read with this alphabet.

I tried to tell a certain fabby famous yt truther and Tartarian expert this in an oft repeated phrase : Etruscan is Phoenician is Tartarian.

It earned me a mountain of hatred, ridicule (both public and private) and a lifetime ban from his presence.

I wasn’t being clever or TROLLING – as he accused me of.

BTWFEB : I married into a Welsh family. Of whom 99.9% still live in South Wales or the Marches (the Welsh/English Border) so this was a personal kind of research for me.



Although I disagree with Alan Wilson’s timelines because he used MS History and not NC, I still value his AMAZING contribution to advanced knowledge and deeper understanding.

And he is WELSH.

Did I uncover the fact that feb can’t speak Welsh? Neither can I but my nieces can :o)

Sources known but withheld :

Having finished writing my magnum opus on the Greeks, I thought I should take a quick look at their rivals in the Mediterranean at that time — the Etruscans, the Phoenicians, and Tartessos —  and to try to see how they rose, and how eventually they were gobbled up by the Greeks and Romans.

On the other hand, it is impossible to agree in any way. After all, if ET-RUSSIANS are SLAVS, then the thought instantly arises that they are RUSSIANS !?