The POWER of Comedy

I grew up with this totally hilarious kind of comedy.

It knew and still knows no bounds.

Get a Scot or an Irish to tell you a true story and you WILL end up in tears.

We have the WAKE.

WAKE. OMG what a triggering word !

We have a Wake after a funeral to CELEBRATE the LIFE of our deceased loved one. NOTNOTNOT to mourn the death.

In Our End is Our Beginning.

Billy. God, I love this man.

Billy times 2.

Talking about Comedy and then Doing Comedy.

Terrorists Target GLASGOW? The hardest town EVER. They invented the Glasgow Kiss. The Severe Malky.

And Lily, my paternal grandmother was a Glaswegian. And also a LADY. She never nutted anyone. FACT :o)

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