MY Mini-Me

Writes like ME. Researches and then shares MY work. Makes a yt channel with MY late Dad’s name. Throws MY work back in my face. Steals MY family history. Makes videos including MY fave music. Has me lied about and trashed and DESTROYS MY Patreon account. Writes emails to MY friends pretending to be ME. Fucks Up MY blog. Annihilates MY pen-name (by which MY work is known world wide) everywhere. Steals MY income, means of living. And sends ME death threats.

And then she calls ME …EVIL.

But she has the absolute right to do all this because SHE is supported, loved and honoured by the yt Flat Earth “truth” community and I’m just a stupid housewife who copycats HER and am a PROVEN pathological LIAR!

My Dad always said that he could sometimes forgive a thief.

You never know why a thief steals. It could be from necessity and a need to survive this shit world.

My Dad always said that he could NEVER forgive a liar.

Liars always hide something and will build their entire lives on a that lie. Not to survive but to WIN AT ALL COSTS.

It’s a Hard Knock Life, peeps. FACT.

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