Lily & I Often Went To GET THE MESSAGES

In Kinghorn, Fife.

My Nan would let me hold the message as we went from Castlerig, down the hill, into the High Street.

She had a well travelled road. Butcher. Baker. Greengrocer. Post Office.

Mutton Pies (OMG, I’d die for a Mutton/Scotch Pie right now) Mince.

Baps…Scottish soft floured rolls.

Neeps and tatties. NEEPS are NOT turnips. They are Scandinavian aka SWEDES.


Gerard Butler was a Spartan in Hollywood filums?

His accent often slipped and spoiled the whole thing for me :o)

BTW – HM Forces always use the word SCRAN. And my Dad being 6ft and dark was always the First Footer on Hogmanay. With his piece of coal and bottle of whiskey. FACT!

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