Kinema in the Woods

This is my local cinema. I’ve been watching films here since I was 10 years old.

And I brought my kids back to my childhood….well almost teenage…home, so they’ve watched many films here too.

It’s about 5 miles away. Just down the road from the Petwood Hotel. Most famously famous for housing the Dam Busters AND GUY GIBSON of Nigger dog fame. From whence the name of the Black Labrador that I grew up with was called. NIGGER. NIGGER. NIGGER.

My dog was called Nigger.

As in Agatha Christie’s Ten Little NIGGERS which became PC’d to And Then There Were None.

BTW : I was given a Black Doll Girl for my 5th birthday and my favourite bed companion throughout my childhood was a Golliwog. Much the same as the one on the image above.

Take that as y’all will. Sigh.

I saw NO offence then and see NO offence now.

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