After waking up to the usual ignorant piss take on youtube via Matt & UAP, I saw a comment that set my day in motion.


My husband and I set-up, owned and ran a multi-international, multi-million $ security company.

Many, many meetings in Aberdeen later… We started out in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with the complete and total support of STENA.

We protected their workers and their rigs.

We even escorted the DrillMax when it had left Scandinavia and reached the Gulf of “NEW” Guinea.

This was in the days when satphones were the latest OffShore Technology.

I was in charge of all the finances and had to pay the bills.


Satphones are crap and expensive and useless. IN REAL LIFE.

Especially after I’d have to pay over $250,000 to bunker every Nigerian ship we used…with the false tanks underneath for reselling the fuel that I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR!


Welcome to the DrillMAX.