I know a gorgeous and amazing writer friend who has researched Somerled deeply. She is American/Danish and loves her Viking ancestors.

I’m very fond of Bruce, below, but I HAVE to disagree with his history here.

Way before Somerled we had the Dalriada (of which I am one) MacDonald/MacGregor descended from Kenneth MacAlpin – King of Dalriada in the 800’s – or so they say.

The Dalriada are Scandinavian/Irish/Scottish.

Somerled came WELL after Godred Crovan and Magnus Barelegs and Kenneth so he was NOT father of the Clans.

Dál Riata or Dál Riada (also Dalriada) (/dælˈriːədə/) was a Gaelic kingdom that encompassed the western seaboard of Scotland and the north-eastern corner of Ireland, on each side of the North Channel. At its height in the 6th and 7th centuries, it covered what is now Argyll (“Coast of the Gaels”) in Scotland and part of County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

The Kingdom of the Isles and the Kings of Man and Ireland ALL had Norse blood. Somerled included.

I have come full circle. My late father had classic Irish colouring. Jet black hair and light grey eyes.

Both of my sons were born with pure blond hair and brilliant blue eyes, but now that they are men, they both have very dark hair and lightish grey eyes.

AND youngest was born in County Antrim…FACT.

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