I’ve spent a few days trying to unravel the 13 Swords of King Arthur. And it’s given me one big, bad headache.

History is a PERFECT confusion of False Facts and Supposition and Outright Lies.

Anyhoo – apropos of nothing – I decided that Mordred owned the 13th sword. He was, after all, the arch-traitor of the gang. Like Judas.

The multiple confusions start with Modred’s parentals. Were they Morgause (Queen of Orkney) and Loth (King of Lothian?)

OR – Morgause (Queen of Orkney) and her own brother (King Arthur of Sainted Name?)

If you know anything about ancient Celtic and Scandinavian practices, you’ll know that the FOSTERING system was incredibly important. Young, noble sons were fostered out to the best man/family available to teach them the Arts of being Noble.

In many sources Mordred was not only King Arthur’s nephew but also his FOSTER-son…not bastard son by his sister.

Sigh. Gotta love how they spice stuff up with incest etc.


Aha. Macbeth was also an Orkney man. Again, the family tree is muddled and muddy. Especially when you know that Macbeth and Thorfinn (Jarl of Orkney and pronounced TORRIN) may have been one and the same person.

Like Modred, Macbeth was also not so pure as the driven snow (?)

P.S. Murray is Moray. A famous Noble Name and kingdom/county.