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The 3,6,9 of Goddess – ness

The number 3 has an infinite number of connotations.

Today I’m doing the Tesla Trilogy with reference to my own 9 personal favourite Goddesses.

Staring in Greece, we have the Moirai. In, Scandinavian, there are the Norns and in Macbeth, the Weird (WYRD) sisters.

All Fates representing Past, Present and Future.

There are many other female trios world-wide with the same roles but I’m more familiar with these 9.

The life of man is usually measured in 7 ages but women get just 3. Virgin. Mother. Hag.

Modern tellings of the Fates almost always show them as the last manifestation of womanhood. HAG. Witch. Evil-doer.

Is this because they control the inevitable that will always end with the thread of life being cut?


3, 6 or 9 guesses about who is in the video below ? ? ?

LOL :o)

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