Empaths Are Born, NOT MADE by TechLies.

I adore this channel.

He has helped me so much over the past few years.

I now understand why I always attract and then am totally rejected by Narcs.

THEY HATEHATEHATE and want to destroy people like me. FACT.

But, people like me (and there are more than y’all think) have this inbuilt survival instinct that can and will delete all pains thrown at them by totally refusing to have any contact with the torturers.

But then…not all people like me are people like me. I’m also Highland and we have very long memories and would rather destroy outright than take prisoners to extract years of Narc Vengeance on “the enemy.”

No prisoners. No kwarter. No Games.

Hey. Don’t shoot the messenger. Behead her :o)

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